Further information on the use and application of timber and wood products can be found at the following sites:-

Detailed information on the use and application of timber in Queensland is available from Timber Queensland (TQ), where you can join as a Technical Subscriber. TQ have over 30 technical data sheets on various topics concerning timbers use and application.

The Wood Solutions website is the timber industry’s national resource centre for design guides and general information pertaining to timber and wood. The site enables users free access to numerous resources including pdf’s of publications, some software and also numerous case studies.

For information relating to plywood, particleboard and other engineered wood products (EWP’s) go to the Engineered Wood Products Association webpage.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission administer and regulate the building industry including licensing of builders, trades, building certifers etc. They also run an early dispute resolution service where they can help resolve building disputes. Their website has extensive information for contractors and home owners on all aspects relating to building matters.